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I'm using Selenium IDE with firefox to run test on my website, when I'm recording and I click an item in a list, it only gives me one action : Click : css=span.ui-selectmenu-status

I would like to pick an item from the list but the class and ID are loaded dynamicly because the site is running with JQUERY UI here.

I'm trying with :

Click : //div[@id='hlevel-menu']/a[.='CATS']

But it return an error : not found..

I guess it's wrong or super wrong, if someone knows how to do it, please help :)

Here is the part of code I'm looking for :

<div class="dceui ui-selectmenu-menu ui-selectmenu-open" style="z-index: 1; top: 363px; left: 699.5px;">

    <ul id="hlevel-menu" class="ui-widget ui-widget-content ui-selectmenu-menu-dropdown ui-corner-bottom bg_education_icon" aria-hidden="false" role="listbox" aria-labelledby="hlevel-button" style="width: 121px; height: auto;" aria-disabled="false" aria-activedescendant="ui-selectmenu-item-331">

    <li class="" role="presentation">
        <a id="" href="#nogo" tabindex="-1" role="option" aria-selected="false">- Please choose -</a>

    <li class="" role="presentation">
        <a href="#nogo" tabindex="-1" role="option" aria-selected="false">DOGS</a>

    <li class="" role="presentation">
        <a id="" href="#nogo" tabindex="-1" role="option" aria-selected="false">CATS</a>

    <li class="ui-corner-bottom ui-selectmenu-item-selected" role="presentation">
        <a href="#nogo" tabindex="-1" role="option" aria-selected="true" id="ui-selectmenu-item-331">PIGS</a>

Thanks a lot !

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ah, ok, this is super depressing now that you've finally posted the html. just look at your selector. I'll revise my answer – Andy Ray Jun 19 '12 at 2:59

Do you mean a jQuery autocomplete? Or a normal type drop down?

This is how I select an autocomplete list value in selenium: (note this is typed in code, not recorded code). It is a bit tricky, you have to make it trigger the autocomplete, then you have to highlight the value, then you have to select it.

string locator = "id=hlevel-menu";
string value = "CATS";
selenium.Type(locator, value);
selenium.KeyDown(locator, "\\40");
selenium.KeyDown(locator, "\\40");
selenium.KeyDown(locator, "\\13");
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Thanks you for your response ! I'm going to try both, I'll let you know – Andrew Greig Barr Jun 19 '12 at 17:20

it's not working because //div/a is looking for direct descendants, not all a tags anywhere inside sub children. You need to do //div/ul/li/a[text()='CATS']

Then you need to do yourself some learning on xpath

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Thanks you for your response ! I'm going to try both, I'll let you know – Andrew Greig Barr Jun 19 '12 at 17:21

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