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So I've read several question/answers on stackoverflow and googled the issue, I cant seem to get the event.state to come back with anything but null

I got that it wont work with the jQuery event, but when I do something like this:

window.onpopstate = function (e) {

With something along the lines of a jQuery.ajax success calling

history.pushState({ lastUrl: data.State }, data.Title, data.UrlKey);

Neither Chrome (v19) or Firefox (v12) return anything but null? Am I missing something? Is it just not fully implemented?

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possible duplicate of HTML history state issues on OS X Chrome 10.0.648.151 –  Derek 朕會功夫 Jun 19 '12 at 0:18
@Derek the question you provided is talking about popstate firing upon pageload. To clarify, at any time popstate fires, none of the data sent from a pushState function (ie. lastUrl in the above example) is available in the event object, this is the issue I'm inquiring about –  mihok Jul 5 '12 at 14:55

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e.state refers to the second last state that was pushed. You need to have pushed state at least twice for e.state to not be null. This is because you should save the state when your site is loaded the first time and thereafter every time it changes state.

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Solved my problem I asked here stackoverflow.com/questions/13107147/… ... If you can write an answer for my question here, I can accept it. –  Rohit Banga Oct 28 '12 at 19:34

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