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I'm trying to make a SCSS stylesheet easily configurable by defining a set of constants that will be used in a number of mixins and with the Compass library. Ideally, I'd like to be able to do the following:

$item-bgs: linear-gradient(white, black), #ccc;

@mixin some-mixin() {
    @include background-with-css2-fallback($item-bgs*);

The background-with-css2-fallback is a Compass mixin that accepts up to 10 params. I'm assuming that SASS does not currently support passing a list parameter as the argument list, otherwise Compass would probably use it, but I'm wondering if I can get the $item-bgs list to be the first 2 arguments to the background-with-css2-fallback mixin. Is there a way to do this currently, or is it even planned for SASS in the future?

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It may not be supported by SASS natively, but Compass does support passing a list as the first argument to the background-with-css2-fallback mixin. If you look at the source for the mixin, you'll see that it uses a compact function that handles the logic for collapsing the arguments into a single list, whether passed individually or in a single list parameter.

For example, this works fine for me:

@import "compass";

$item-bgs: (linear-gradient(white, black), #ccc);

.test {
    @include background-with-css2-fallback($item-bgs);
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