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I have a list of parameters like this:

public class parameter
    public string name {get; set;}
    public string paramtype {get; set;}
    public string source {get; set;}

IEnumerable<Parameter> parameters;

And a array of strings i want to check it against.

string[] myStrings = new string[] { "one", "two"};

I want to iterate over the parameter list and check if the source property is equal to any of the myStrings array. I can do this with nested foreach's but i would like to learn how to do it in a nicer way as i have been playing around with linq and like the extension methods on enumerable like where etc so nested foreachs just feel wrong. Is there a more elegant preferred linq/lambda/delegete way to do this.


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You could use a nested Any() for this check which is available on any Enumerable:

bool hasMatch = myStrings.Any(x => parameters.Any(y => y.source == x));

Faster performing on larger collections would be to project parameters to source and then use Intersect which internally uses a HashSet<T> so instead of O(n^2) for the first approach (the equivalent of two nested loops) you can do the check in O(n) :

bool hasMatch = parameters.Select(x => x.source)

Also as a side comment you should capitalize your class names and property names to conform with the C# style guidelines.

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thanks seems to be what im looking for i will try it out. Need to play around with the functional side of things a bit more. regarding capitalising class and properties, i do i just was forgot when wrote the example above. –  gdp Jun 19 '12 at 0:51

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