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I have a script that hangs after I click a link. This link launches a popup where the user then selects some options and the clicks the submit button to generate a report. After I click on the link the script it will hang indefinitely until I kill it. I am running my tests on a mac osx using chromedriver. I have tried firefox and safari and get same result. there is no click_no_wait in the elements.rb. It seems to only be for windows and ie. I have the latest install, so Is there a way to make the script execute the link and then not wait so that I can access the popup and process the form contained with in it?

Here is the link I need to click on:

b.frame(:name, "ifContentBody").link(:text, "Filter").click


openMdlWindow('InvestmentDetailOptions.aspx?IDAssetType=', '620', '600');
if (window.document.RetValue == '2') {
    window.parent.LoadinIframe('InvestmentDetail.aspx?FromMenu=N&IDAssetType=', 'Investment Details > Full View', 'false');

I have searched a million+ posts and sites and can not find the solution. Any help will be appreciated.

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Did you see these?


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Hi, Thanks for reply. Yes I have seen these and every other suggested out there. The issue I believe is the javascript link does not stop loading or running so I cannot move past it. It freezes the script and then times out. What I am looking for is a way to tell it not to wait and go on to next command. This popup contains a form that I need to select dates and radio buttons then submit. That will then generate the data I need to download. I have tried it in applescript/safari and in applescript there is an "ignore application response" that will let me move on to next line. –  user1279586 Jun 19 '12 at 14:32

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