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I have found that how to determine what columns are primary key column of a given table by using this query:

 WHERE TABLE_NAME='tablename_here' AND

I can find , what the identity seed and increment is by using this query:

SELECT IDENT_SEED('tablename_here'), IDENT_INCR('tablename_here')

I cant use the constraint information, because a primary key constraint can be across multiple columns. And i cant seem to find any Transact SQL function to give my the identity information.

Can anybody help me to understand how to find the identity information?

I am using SQL Server 2000.

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To find the IDENTITY column in a given table you can use this:

WHERE TABLE_NAME='tablename_here' 
AND COLUMNPROPERTY(OBJECT_ID('tablename_here'),COLUMN_NAME,'IsIdentity') = 1
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You can use the COLUMNPROPERTY function to check whether a column uses the identity property.

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SELECT sys.tables.name, sys.columns.name
FROM sys.tables
INNER JOIN sys.columns
ON sys.tables.object_id = sys.columns.object_id
WHERE is_identity = 1
AND sys.tables.name = 'MyTable'
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Allan's using SQL Server 2000 so wouldn't work –  AdaTheDev Jul 10 '09 at 13:03

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