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I am completely new to the world of PostgreSQL, please be patient with me.

I've been provided with a .sql file (the whole file here: which seems to be exported via Navicat from PGSQL server. Start of the file (just in case anyone would try it the file is to be found here).

Navicat PGSQL Data Transfer

Source Server         : pluto
Source Server Version : 80311
Source Host           : localhost:5432
Source Database       : kun3
Source Schema         : public

Target Server Type    : PGSQL
Target Server Version : 90100
File Encoding         : 65001

Date: 2012-06-07 11:24:41

My problem is that I am unable to recreate the original database from the query contained in the provided file. I've tried via SQL command in pgAdmin III, Navicat PGSQL, and phpPgAdmin all with no success. I usually end up with hundreds of mistakes, one of the first is:

SQL error:
ERROR:  relation "core_log_log_id_log_seq" does not exist

Which is a result of this query (first of the sql file)

CREATE TABLE "core_log_log" (
"id_log" int4 DEFAULT nextval('core_log_log_id_log_seq'::regclass) NOT NULL,
"message_log" text,
"priority_log" int2,
"date_creation_log" timestamp(6) DEFAULT NULL::timestamp without time zone,
"server_log" char(255) DEFAULT NULL::bpchar,
"idusr_log" int4,
"exception_log" text,
"idvis_log" int4


Any help would be highly appreciated. Even if someone would just come up with something like the file is corrupted or incomplete, get a new and proper one or you are riding a completely false horse - try to import it this other way would help a bunch.

Thanks a lot.

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If there is nothing like:

CREATE SEQUENCE core_log_log_id_log_seq ...

In there before it is referencing the sequence, I would think it to be incomplete.

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Agree. It's incomplete. – Dondi Michael Stroma Jun 19 '12 at 2:20
Thanks again. Now before jumping on learning sequences, is there a way to get a complete database dump (sql file) which would allow me to recreate the original database without any edits. I aware of that this is not directly related to the solution of procesing the original SQL and therefore a little misleading question, but before I'd start with fixing this provided SQL file, I'd preferably ask the provider for another - more complete version of it. Would you mind to share any hint of what is the safest way of exporting/importing PGSQL db I should ask them for? – ddhh Jun 19 '12 at 2:45
I would assume Navicat would allow a full export. I imagine it needs to be told to export sequences, since you may not always want to "really really" re-create the entire database, instead just re-build tables and data. I would think it'd just be an option somewhere in the export process to export sequences as well. Sorry, not a Navicat user! Best of luck! – Nick Veys Jun 19 '12 at 2:47
I will try to ask for that. Hope I will end up with a fully working file. If not, you'll have me back here soon. :) Thank you again. – ddhh Jun 19 '12 at 2:53
@ddhh Ask them to use pg_dump to export the database if NaviCat doesn't do the job. – Craig Ringer Jun 19 '12 at 3:32

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