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Okay I wasn't really sure how to word this question, but basically what I want to do is, I got a url from a webView in android, and I need to put part of that url into a string, the url will look something like this: http://localhost/?code=4/3pakksajdfASDFwek.4nsKfAYN7XQVshQV0ieZDAp-PrgEcAI and I only want the part after code=, is that possible? Thanks

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int start = my_string.indexOf("=");
String suffix = my_string.substring(start + 1);
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That almost works, but it keeps the "=" in it. –  William L. Jun 19 '12 at 1:40
Use start + 1 instead –  MAV Jun 19 '12 at 1:40
Perfect! Thanks :) –  William L. Jun 19 '12 at 1:50
You should also check that start >= 0, otherwise, if the url does not contain a "=", substring will throw an exception –  FunkTheMonk May 1 at 8:29

If other parameters can be on the URL, or code is not always first parameter:

String url = "http://localhost/?code=4/3pakksajdfASDFwek.4nsKfAYN7XQVshQV0ieZDAp-PrgEcAI";
String code = url.replaceAll(".*(?:[?]|[&])code=([^&]+)","\1");

tests here: http://fiddle.re/nxfv

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If you are totally sure the URL never has other form, you can use indexOf and substring.

Otherwise, it is better if you use URI class to extract out the query part of the URL (use getRawQuery just to be safe), then tokenize it with split along & character and find the correct key-value pair to obtain the correct value. This method is not as brittle as indexOf method above.

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