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I am looking for some subclasses of the Java calendar class, preferably a Hijri (Islamic) calendar implementation, but will potentially require more. Does anyone know of a library that is available for commercial use?

I have found IBM's ICU library (here), however, they do not extend java.util.Calendar and instead have written their own class which also replies on the custom classes; UDate and ULocale. I am attempting to I18n an existing java application which already has over 400 usages of Calendar so I ideally want to stick to that class. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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As usual with all Date API questions the answer is use Joda if possible, if not, make it possible.

I'd also be wary of IBM Date classes, they produced the current Java date API and while it's a big place, that implementation does not bode well for other offerings.

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Wrap the icu4j classes inside your own Calendar implementation.

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Thanks - I had considered that but then it involves wrapping date and locale objects as well, as maybe more. Still a possiblity though. – Ed . Jul 10 '09 at 12:58

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