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I got problem with programmingly create an outlook mailitem with attachment, as following code

Outlook.MailItem mail =
                as Outlook.MailItem; 
 mail.AttachmentAdd.Add(GetTempDir() + "345325.html", Outlook.OlAttachmentType.olByValue,1, Type.Missing);

but when actually open the mailitem, there is no attachment diplayed, even though from the mail size we could identify that attachement has been added

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OK, I think I got the answer, we have to make sure the mailItem.body is not null and the position is 1. it works

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OK, let me anwser the this Q, we have to make sure the mail.body is not null, cause the posisition of attechment at least be 1, 0 will be visiable, then if the body is null, the attechment won't been seen –  user1287219 Jun 25 '12 at 1:41

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