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I am looking for a preferred and maintainable way of test data generation in Raven DB. Currently, our team does have a way to do it through .NET code. Example is provided.

However, i am looking for different options. Please share.

public void Execute()
            using (var documentStore = new DocumentStore { ConnectionStringName = "RavenDb" })
                documentStore.Conventions.DefaultQueryingConsistency = ConsistencyOptions.QueryYourWrites;

                // Override the default key prefix generation strategy of Pascal case to lower case.
                documentStore.Conventions.FindTypeTagName = type => DocumentConvention.DefaultTypeTagName(type).ToLower();



Edit: Raven-overflow is really helpful. Thanks for pointing out to the right place.

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Try checking out RavenOverflow. In there, I've got a FakeData project that has fake data (both hardcoded AND randomly generated). This can then be used in either my Tests project or the Main Website :)

Here's some sample code...

if (isDataToBeSeeded)


public static void CreateSeedData(IDocumentStore documentStore)

    using (IDocumentSession documentSession = documentStore.OpenSession())
        // First, check to make sure we don't have any data.
        var user = documentSession.Load<User>(1);
        if (user != null)
            // ooOooo! we have a user, so it's assumed we actually have some seeded data.

        // We have no users, so it's assumed we therefore have no data at all.
        // So lets fake some up :)

        // Users.
        ICollection<User> users = FakeUsers.CreateFakeUsers(50);
        StoreFakeEntities(users, documentSession);

        // Questions.
        ICollection<Question> questions = FakeQuestions.CreateFakeQuestions(users.Select(x => x.Id).ToList());
        StoreFakeEntities(questions, documentSession);


        // Make sure all our indexes are not stale.


public static ICollection<Question> CreateFakeQuestions(IList<string> userIds, int numberOfFakeQuestions)
.... u get the idea .....

Hope this helps.

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