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So I have the following:

  • A UITableView with deletable cells (the kind where you swipe the cell then click the delete button)
  • The UITableView's properties (eg. a UILabel) are automatically updated (with a reloadData call on the UITableView) every second by a NSTimer (this is required)

The problem is that the reloadData call clears the delete button after swiping (within a second of course). How can I keep this from happening?

Thank you!

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Here is the link for deleting rows from table. http://www.iphonesdkarticles.com/2008/10/sqlite-tutorial-deleting-data.html.

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u can keep a boolean flag variable that becomes true if the delete button is visible and false if not and in the place where u call reloadData u can check the flag value and function accordingly

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Ok I hope it's ok to answer my own question, because after toiling for half a day I finally realised all I need to do was to set the UILabels text property from the NSTimers invocation method call and it doesn't even require a reloadData call to update the UILabel...

Pretty embarrassing that I didn't know this. But I hope my lack of understanding saves someone else the trouble :)

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