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I have searched high and low for this but whatever i do this simply does not seem to work. I have a google chrome extension which send an XHR request using a background.js file. Now my requirement is that i need to show a small loading icon while the xhr request is proceeding. Are there any tutorials out there which explains how to do this. I have tried an iframe but it looks ugly when it expands as the entire popup.html expands. Is jquery my only option here because that would mean adding a lot of size to my current project just for a simple animation.

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Not at all. Vanilla JavaScript is more than capable of displaying a simple loading icon. No need for JQuery. – nathancahill Jun 19 '12 at 2:45
Any ideas on how to do this other than using an iframe or is that my only option? – user1092042 Jun 19 '12 at 2:50

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You need to define two functions showIcon and hideIcon.

 function showIcon() {
   document.getElementById('loading').style.display ='block';

 function hideIcon() {
   document.getElementById('loading').style.display ='none';

You execute showIcon when making the xhr request and then call hideIcon when xhr returns.


<div id="loading">Loading</div




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I have to add the icon using the img tag and set its width and height to 0 orginally right – user1092042 Jun 19 '12 at 3:26
No. Its much easier to set a background-image using css as I show above. You can also specify image size with css. – jamjam Jun 19 '12 at 3:29
Oh okay.Completely missed that. – user1092042 Jun 19 '12 at 3:29

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