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Basically what happens is when I shoot a bullet, it creates the bullet. However, if I click again while the bullet it still on screen, it removes the bullet and makes a completely new one. So now only one bullet can be on the screen at a time. How do I fix this? The bullet in the library has the instance name of 'bullet'


public class GameEnter extends MovieClip

    public function GameEnter()
        addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, shootBullet);
    public var _bullet1:bullet = new bullet;
    public var angleRadian = Math.atan2(mouseY - 300,mouseX - 300);
    public var angleDegree = angleRadian * 180 / Math.PI;
    public var speed1:int = 10;

    public function shootBullet(evt:MouseEvent)
        _bullet1.x = 300;
        _bullet1.y = 300;
        _bullet1.angleRadian = Math.atan2(mouseY - 300,mouseX -300);
        _bullet1.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, bulletEnterFrame);
    public function bulletEnterFrame(evt:Event) 
        var _bullet1 = evt.currentTarget;
        _bullet1.x += Math.cos(_bullet1.angleRadian) * speed1;
        _bullet1.y += Math.sin(_bullet1.angleRadian) * speed1;
        _bullet1.rotation = _bullet1.angleRadian*180/Math.PI;
        if (_bullet1.x < 0 || _bullet1.x > 600 || _bullet1.y < 0 || _bullet1.y > 600) 
            _bullet1.removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, bulletEnterFrame);
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Well think about it, you store your _bullet1 variable in the class, which is fine, but every time you shoot you use the same variable and just change the x and y position again.

A better way to do this is to handle the animation for the bullet in the bullet class itself.

When you shoot, you just create a new bullet and add it to the stage.

In case you still want to use this way, it should be more like this:

public function shootBullet(evt:MouseEvent)
    var bullet:bullet = new bullet();
    bullet.x = 300;
    bullet.y = 300;
    bullet.angleRadian = Math.atan2(mouseY - 300,mouseX -300);
    bullet.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, bulletEnterFrame);

public function bulletEnterFrame(evt:Event) 
    var tmpBullet:bullet = evt.currentTarget as bullet;
    tmpBullet.x += Math.cos(_bullet1.angleRadian) * speed1;
    tmpBullet.y += Math.sin(_bullet1.angleRadian) * speed1;
    tmpBullet.rotation = _bullet1.angleRadian*180/Math.PI;
    if (tmpBullet.x < 0 || tmpBullet.x > 600 || tmpBullet.y < 0 || tmpBullet.y > 600) 
        tmpBullet.removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, bulletEnterFrame);

But the best way would be to go with option 1

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