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i am trying to install pinax in django 1.4.0. and I am using git to install pinax...

-e git+git://

now.. when i activate my virtualenv.

/djangoproj$ virtualenv mysite-env

New python executable in mysite-env/bin/python
Installing setuptools............done.
Installing pip...............done.

/djangoproj$ source mysite-env/bin/activate
/djangoproj$ pinax-admin setup_project mysite
pinax-admin: command not found

i got the error pinax-admin: command not found.

I am following this documentation

where did i go wrong? i did install Pinax in git so i don't need to install it in pip because it is already installed...

Does anyone have an idea on how can I deal with my case?

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Could you repeat one more time, I didn't quite catch that. –  Cat Plus Plus Jun 19 '12 at 2:59
This statement has a few problems with it, and it's the source of your woes: "i did install Pinax in git so i don't need to install it in pip because it is already installed...". If there a reason you can't use 'pip install Pinax', make sure the virtualenv is activated before you run the install. The fact that the egg is on github isn't relevant. –  Aman Jun 19 '12 at 3:10

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I think it's better to use a pip requirements file with pinax and all the required modules to set up your environment. This way you can easily test your app in other hosts.

For the starting development environment:

  • Create a virtualenv
  • Install all you need with pip
  • Create a requirements file: pip freeze > requirements.txt (this should be in your repo)
  • Develop your app

For a new development environment:

  • Create a virtualenv
  • Clone your repo with your app and requirements.txt
  • pip -r requirements.txt
  • You're finished
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