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Ok, so I have a collection in my MongoDB

here is a sample my key here is


   "_id": ObjectId("4fdfe7b536314b4147000000"),
   "company": "hoyts",
   "barcode": "236602253",
   "name": "Gold Class",
   "logoURL": "http: \/\/\/newsite\/template\/images\/movieticket\/4cinemas\/ticketpic1.png",
   "store_name": "movies" 

Now the issue here is I have 4 rows/collects with hoyts, I need away to group them.

my current code

public function getstore($storename)
        // select a collection (analogous to a relational database's table)
         $collection = $this->db->products;

        // find everything in the collection
        $cursor = $collection->find(array("store_name"=>$storename));

        $test = array();
            // iterate through the results
            while( $cursor->hasNext() ) {
                $test[] = ($cursor->getNext());
        //Print Results 
        print json_encode($test);


I tried using


however that did not work.

Could someone give me a hand thanks

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look at this example:

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