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I use xmpp(asmack) to login and get contact from google talk. I look document about xmpp but not show about how to get birthday, gender, mobile phone... in xmpp in android. How can i get birthday, gender, mobile phone in xmpp? or have any other way can do that?

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no any answers, i really need solution –  Chandara Sam Jun 21 '12 at 2:45

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XEP-54 describes the most common way to do this today. XEP-292 is the new version, which is starting to get some traction. Implement both for forward/backward compatibility.

Note that Google's servers don't support this protocol, so you'll have to ask your contact's client directly using an IQ to the full JID:

<iq id='v3'
  <vCard xmlns='vcard-temp'/>

Please do NOT do this every time you log in. Please do NOT do this if the client you are connecting to supports XEP-115 and doesn't say that it supports vcard-temp. The responses that come back can be really large (due to embedded avatars), and cause a strain on the server infrastructure if you do too many of them.

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