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First i couldn't start MSDTC service.I tried following link and solve that problem. link : http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-ZA/winserverhyperv/thread/d3de5460-fb42-4af0-ac75-27c22741c7e9 .Now I'm having problem with missing Local DTC in MSDTC.(I checked with component services).I'm using windows 7(64bit).

I tried following steps too.But still no luck.

1)Stop the Distributed Transaction Coordinator service in the Services Control Panel

2)At a command prompt run "msdtc -uninstall" without quotes. This removes the MSDTC service from the Services Control Panel and the associated service hive along with the CIDs and CID.Locals from the registry:


3)Skip this step if you want to preserve existing configuration, such as network transactions and other MSDTC security settings. Otherwise manually delete the following registry keys if they exist:


4)At a command prompt run "msdtc -install" without quotes. This reinstalls the MSDTC service and the 4 registry hives above.

5)At a command prompt run “msdtc –resetlog” without quotes

Any tips on how i can resolve this?

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Now Im bored with solving my own issues.I post it in my blog. http://littlerasika.wordpress.com/2012/06/28/problem-with-starting-msdtc-and-missing-local-dtc-in-windows-7/

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