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I am downloading some information from a JSON feed about countries, states and their cities. The way I have my final data structure is as follows:

An NSArray where each element holds an NSDictionary. Each NSDictionary has a key of the name of the country, and a value of an NSDictionary corresponding to the states. Each of those NSDictionarys hold a key of the name of the state and a value of an array with a list of the names of the cities.

I want to display each country in a different section in a table view. To return the number of countries (aka. numbeber of sections), I can just do [countriesArray count].

However, to return the number of states and cities of each country, that seems impossible with my current structure. I can access [countriesArray objectAtIndex:index], but after that, how can I access the value of that dictionary (the key is the name of the country)?

Should I restructure my data structures? If so, what's the best way to sort this kind of data?

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Please tell me you have a database in your application? If you are using web calls to drive your UI I have a feeling your app is going to run into more troubles than you want. – Paul de Lange Jun 19 '12 at 6:42
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You can have below data structure which may help.

A container NSArray which has NSDictionary as its object. Each dictionary has fixed keys like: countryName and stateInfo. The value of this keys will be: string and NSDictionary.

Each stateInfo dictionary should have fixed keys like: stateName, cities the value of this keys will be: string and NSarray of cities.

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you may handle this problem using the collapsible tableview

from this you can display the relevant data as your requirement.

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collapsible tableview refer from this link… – Senthilkumar Jun 19 '12 at 4:52

NSArray *countryKeys = [countriesArray allKeys]; //will return you an array of all keys(country names).

Also, instead of doing [countriesArray objectAtIndex:index], you should do [countriesArray valueForKey:[countryKeys objectAtIndex:index]];

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