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I have to play very short sounds on UI events (pressing a button, showing a popup) in my iOS web-app. I do it the following way:

// Standard HTML5 implementation of PlaySound.
function Html5PlaySound(sound)
    var player = document.getElementById('soundPlayer');
    player.setAttribute('src', 'sound/' + sound + '.mp3');

Unfortunately, it's being reloaded every time (I see 'waiting circle' in the title bar). Is it possible to force somehow iPhone to cache the sounds and not reload them every time?


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i am using html5 manifest for caching stuff its working fine, however it seems the sounds only cache after i play them at least once in safari. (if i play them in safari and on webapp, go to airplane mode, it works)

you might be interessted in this thread Offline iOS web app: loads my manifest, but doesn't work offline

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