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How can I tell Visual Studio 2010 to recognise my variable as an instance of a given class?

var myObjCls = function() {
    this.Hello = "World";

var anotherObjCls = function (myObj) {
    /// <param name="myObj" type="myObjCls"></param>

    myObj. // Hello is NOT available

    var myObjLocal = new myObjCls();
    myObjLocal. // Hello is available


So my param XML doc is not working. What am I doing wrong?

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First you have to define a proper constructor (Class is not the right term) like this...

function MyObject() {
  this.hello = "World";

The convention is to use Pascal casing or UpperCamelCase for constructors and Camel casing for variables, functions, etc.

The next step is to create an instance using this constructor.

var myObj = new MyObject();

I didn't test it in Visual Studio, but I'm sure if you follow the JS conventions VS will understand what you're doing.

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