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This is my first project in android and I want to display something like this in list view Any advice is appreciated

enter image description here

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You can easily achieve it through Custom Adapters.The interesting thing will be changing image based on row number – Vipul Shah Jun 19 '12 at 4:46

You can go through CustomListView can be done easily. Please go through the Link below how to customize listview row android

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For achieving this layout you should use custom listview for that like it.

A row with one text view and four button mean five object in each row but show only two object one is textview and another is one button out or four button. If you want to display fourth button then invisible first there button and fourth button in visible state. If you want to display second button then first, third and fourth button invisible state only second button in visible state. Fallow this logic in each row. I hope you got you answer after using this logic.

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