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Are there any examples of authenticating to the Evernote API using python-oauth2? They use a slightly different part of the spec than most, which I don't think the library is built to handle natively.

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I believe evernote does not have oauth2 support, only oauth1 – rahmanisback Mar 1 at 19:42

So I'm going to suggest an alternative to python-oauth2, given that it seems largely unmaintained. Why not check out rauth? Rauth is similar in concept, although much simpler to use and built on top of Requests, so you can expect stellar HTTP support. Now I haven't used Evernote's API, but if you check out the examples, there's both OAuth 1.0/a and 2.0. Those should get you started.

If you're stuck with python-oauth2, I'm sure Googling will turn up a number of examples. But if you can, I'd go for a newer, maintained library. Rauth is just one option.

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You can use this Python SDK https://github.com/evernote/evernote-sdk-python which provides a class EvernoteClient and a function get_request_token which will check/request the token provided by the Evernote user's account.

I deal all of this with django like this https://github.com/foxmask/django-th-evernote/blob/master/th_evernote/my_evernote.py#L146

I hope this could help.

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The django-th-evernote seems missing on github – Jian Chen Mar 3 at 1:54

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