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I am trying to create an aggregator that pulls song links to a central site from many different blogs using youtube, soundcloud, etc. I was wondering where I can find more info about the js streaming api. I'd like to be able to seek with the js streaming api, along with have a callback be called when that song is done playing.

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Two things you'll want to check out:

  1. Our HTML5 Widget has an API that allows you to bind code to events and control the player widget (e.g. seek to a specific point in a track). This'll work if you want to use our player widget anyway.
  2. The JavaScript SDK uses SoundManager 2 under the hood. Certain methods, such as SC.stream will return a soundObject which you can use to seek and bind code to events.

Hope that helps. Comment if you have any questions and I'll edit my answer.

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This doesn't really help me. I can't find a single example of stopping a stream anywhere. In fact I can't seem to bind to any of the methods described in sound manager. Neither of these work.


client_id: "xxx"

// Stream the audio
sound = SC.stream("/tracks/293");


SC.stream("/tracks/293", {
  autoPlay: true,
     ontimedcomments: function(comments){                  console.log(comments[0].body);
  onplay: function(sound){


Really, I just want to create a custom streaming player where I can change the music, and stop and hit play (not in jQuery). I haven't found much on this topic.

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use SC object to stop the playback. more information at http://developers.soundcloud.com/docs/api/sdks#methods


top play the song again 'SC.recordPlay();'

hope this helps!

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Jesse, Use this to play songs.

SC.get('/tracks/294', function(track){
  // SC.oEmbed(track.permalink_url, document.getElementById('player'))

Make sure you have a div#player in your html somewhere. Then, if you uncomment that line you'll see SoundCloud's branded music player.

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