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I have received a CSV that has been converted/compressed/compacted into a SAV file from iSeries. Is there a way to extract the CSV file out of the SAV file using any utilities, or do I need an iSeries setup to do this?

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A SAVF is a proprietary, relatively undocumented IBM file format. By far the easiest solution will be to use the native utilities to extract it.

Many midrange shops don't realize there is a ZIP utility integrated into the system. The Java jar utility can create and extract standard ZIP files.

It does not take much effort to copy a physical file (table) to the IFS (stream file system) in ASCII CSV format and zip it:

QSH CMD('jar cvfM path/file.zip -C path file.csv')
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Alternatively, some shops have PGP on IBM i (formerly aka iSeries), which would encrypt the file and compress it at the same time. This could be a good solution if data security might be any concern. –  WarrenT Jun 19 '12 at 16:40

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