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How can I rotate the labels of the y-axis (created with grid.yaxis()) in the following grid plot properly? The idea commented out can be found in Paul Murrell's book, but for some reason it fails. A version which works is to use grid.edit("yaxis1", edits=gEdit("labels", rot=90)) as given below, but then the labels are not properly centered at the ticks anymore...


X <- matrix(rexp(2000), ncol=2)

pushViewport(dataViewport(X[,1], X[,2]))
grid.points(X[,1], X[,2], pch=1)
grid.edit("yaxis1", edits=gEdit("labels", rot=90))
#grid.edit("yaxis1::labels", rot=90) # => fails with "Error in editDLfromGPat(hgPath, specs, strict, grep, global, redraw) : 'gPath' (yaxis1::labels) not found"
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You should re-run with your now-edited code. It works without complaint on my box with R-14.2 to the current R-devel. Does it still give you the error pasted into your question? –  Josh O'Brien Jun 19 '12 at 6:40
Thanks for helping, Josh. The error is just one thing (comment this line in and comment out the line grid.edit("yaxis1", edits=gEdit("labels", rot=90))' to see that the error appears. I was more wondering about the horizontal adjustment of the labels (is there some hadj`?), since it looks ugly at the moment. Something I'm also wondering is: grid.yaxis(edits=gEdit("labels", rot=90)) does not work although first using grid.yaxis(name="yaxis1") and then addressing this name in grid.edit does work (as you see in the example). That seems strange (but I'm totally new to grid...) –  Marius Hofert Jun 19 '12 at 6:54
grid.edit("yaxis1", edits=gEdit("labels", rot=90, hjust=0.5)) does the trick –  baptiste Jun 19 '12 at 10:33
Thanks a lot, baptiste, that solved it. Just out of interest: Do you know why specifying the very same edits (so edits=gEdit(...)) in grid.yaxis directly fails? Well, to be more precise, I receive the Warning message: In editGrob(list(at = NULL, label = TRUE, main = TRUE, edits = list( : 'gPath' (labels) not found If that worked one could omit the extra line with the call of grid.edit. –  Marius Hofert Jun 19 '12 at 11:22
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