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i am testing a form of post a feed. where user can notify some existing user. while i am enter any data or character in the field its id is changes.

eg. if at the initial stage verifyValue id=token-input-auto_complete enter a data in the field ani verifyValue id=token-input-auto_complete ani

after enter the data in the field it shows only the character in the field but not shows any dropdown options

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Once check This Link It is for selenium Webdriver.

And if you are doing this in Selenium IDE Check this Autocomplete with selenium

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Do you mean a jQuery autocomplete? Or some other type of autocomplete (please name it if so)

This is how I select a jQuery autocomplete list value in selenium: (note this is typed in code, not recorded code). It is a bit tricky, you have to make it trigger the autocomplete, then you have to highlight the value, then you have to select it.

string locator = "id=token-input-auto_complete";
string value = "CATS";
selenium.Type(locator, value);
selenium.KeyDown(locator, "\\40");
selenium.KeyDown(locator, "\\40");
selenium.KeyDown(locator, "\\13");
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yes, i was talking about jquery autocomplete. Thanx –  user1421851 Jun 20 '12 at 13:41

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