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We will be using eclipse(Helios or Indigo) for multiuser environment for development. For this we are working on configuring the eclipse. We have installed the plug-ins Rational Clearcase MVFS Support and Rational Clearcase SCM Adapter.

The users must enable the Rational Clearcase MVFS Support option and the Clearcase SCM Adapter auto-connection option once per workspace through preferences.

So my requirement, is there any way to set these preferences(or options) only one time globally so that everyone automatically gets those settings while creating their workspaces ?

If not this, is there any another way to achieve my requirement?

Appreciate your answers. Thanks in advance !!

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Check out Workspace Mechanic. It says you can use it to "Create a consistent environment among groups as large as the entire company, your local team, or even among your own many workspaces"

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Paul,thanks much for quick reply. I went through Workspace Mechanic before. This plug-in gives the options to the users. what I wanted is, there should be a default behavior of eclipse such a way that all my preferences are set for all workspaces of all users. So is there any other way like configuring or setting properties in or plugin_customization.ini etc.?Thanks in advance! – grb Jun 20 '12 at 5:20
They explain how to do that in… – Paul Webster Jun 20 '12 at 11:14

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