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I have to find out the following encoding where the http://imagebin.org/216644 image was encoded

Encoded http://imagebin.org/216644 image


What i know is: - encoding is used to transfer attachments over the internet - it is not base64 or uuencode (but there a similarity it is also produce 'FBQ' series)

What would be the best practice to find out the encoding method ? Is there any free software which has built in encoder/decoders to play with it ?

Thanks advance.



Since the encoded part must starts with encoded 'GIF89a' which is here 'UjBsR09 ... And since the encoded gif can be frequent on the internet thats why I tried to find 'UjBsR09' with Google, and it found a document where the base64Binary encoded part starts with it.


Every base64 encoder translate the 'GIF89a' to 'R0lGODlh' and not to 'UjBsR09' i could not find out what whould be the background.

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I found the clue, it is not about mysterious encoding the image was taken by text, that why Before the base64 I have to convert it to ascii.(since the gif is binary) So insted of


must use


Where bta implementation in Javascript e.g window.bta(data)

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