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I'm using in my project require.js and it's plugin use.js.

// Initialize the application with the main application file
deps: ["main"],

paths: {
    // JavaScript folders
    libs: "../assets/js/libs",
    plugins: "../assets/js/plugins",

    // Libraries
    jquery: "../assets/js/libs/jquery",
    underscore: "../assets/js/libs/underscore",
    backbone: "../assets/js/libs/backbone",
    jqueryUI: "../assets/js/libs/jqueryUI",
    jquerySlider: "../assets/js/libs/slider",
    jqueryMouseWheel: "../assets/js/libs/jquery.mousewheel",    
    jquerySelectBox: "../assets/js/libs/selectBox",
    jqueryMouse: "../assets/js/libs/mouse",
    bookReader: "../assets/js/libs/newReader",

    // Shim Plugin
    use: "../assets/js/plugins/use"

use: {
    backbone: {
        deps: ["use!underscore", "jquery"],
        attach: "Backbone"

    underscore: {
        attach: "_"

    jqueryUI: {
        deps: ["jquery"]

    jquerySlider: {
        deps: ["jquery", "jqueryMouse"]

    jquerySelectBox: {
        deps: ["jquery"]

    jqueryMouse: {
        deps: ["jquery", "jqueryUI"]

    jqueryMouseWheel: {
        deps: ["jquery", "jqueryUI"]

    bookReader: {
        deps: ["jquery", "jqueryUI", "jqueryMouse", "jquerySlider", "jqueryMouseWheel", "jquerySelectBox"],
        attach: "Reader"

The problem is that scripts start load simultaneously, and because of that there are unmet dependencies, often there are these two errors

Uncaught TypeError: Object function (a, b) {return new e.fn.init (a, b, h)} has no method 'widget': 4444/assets/js/libs/mouse.js: 15
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'mouse' of undefined: 4444/assets/js/libs/slider.js: 20

Once the files are in the cache, the problem no longer occurs. So, my question. How do I specify that the script must loaded consistently?

It is possible to build scripts that wrap them into one file. But this option is not very desirable

Thank you!

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Have a look at this AMD loader plugin called STEP, it allows you to load scripts in sequential order.


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Its not clean on how to install step in requirejs. I tried to include step.js to be called before and after require.js but neither worked. any suggestions? –  Mo J. Mughrabi Jul 29 '13 at 1:18

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