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i want to draw line, i have two textfiled in which i enter some value and when i click the button, the line will draw(1cm for each textfiled value)...

suppose i enter some value on line 1 textfiled, the line will draw 1cm and when i enter value 5 the line will draw 5cm...

same as textfiled 2...

when the line of first textfield end , the second textfiled line will start at the end of first textfield line...

Means lastpoint of line 1 is a starting point of line two...

Totally i have two textField and 1 button.

I have no idea how to do this? Can anyone help me?

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You will need to subclass a UIView (MYDrawingView)

Add the parameter for drawing as properties of this MYDrawingView Then implement drawRect function of UIView in MYDrawingView, after that you can use the drawRect to draw lines and/or other shapes

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