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I am working with X509 certificates in Java. Given a certificate is it possible to find all other certificates in the signing hierarchy until you reach the root certificate?

I have a certificate file (with a .cer extension) and I want to extract the parent signing certificate. I want to keep finding the parent of that certificate untill I get the final root certificate, which is self signed.

I have checked the X509Certificate certificate APIs and relevant APIs in java.security.cert but could not find anything useful.

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There's no reliable way to do this. See my answer on stackoverflow.com/a/11076955/47961 –  Eugene Mayevski 'EldoS Corp Jun 19 '12 at 9:15
Did you try java.security.KeyStore#getCertificateChain() ? –  Zaki Jun 19 '12 at 11:36

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That is not hard - assuming you've somehow/out of band got all the intermediate certificates and the root cert in one or more keychains.

Have a look at


for a code snipped which does just that. The key bit is in validateKeyChain() and basically consists of

   cert = cert-to-validate
   while(not self signed) {
       extract issuer from cert
       scan keychain(s) to find cert with a subject equal to the issuer
       if none found - error
       check if the signature is correct.
       cert = issuers_cert
   if not at the top/root - error

As to how you get the intermediate/root certificates - that is a different issue. Note that this code is a little bit naive - and does not quite understand cross-signing. The java pkix calls though though - BouncyCastle has an example.

You can generally build the root certs into a key chain; but the intermediate certificates often need to be 'gathered' or discovered more dynamically. This generally requires querying the SSL stack during TLS or similar.

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