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Concatenate Two NSDate String values

Just confused that is there any default functionality for concatenating two NSDate values like 11-jan-2012 and 15-jan-2012 as 11-15-jan-2012. also 11-jan-2012 and 15-jul-2012 as 11-jan-15-jul-2012.

11 Jan 2012 - 15 Jan 2012 as 11-15 Jan 2012. 11 Jan 2012 - 11 July 2012 as 11 Jan - 11 July 2012 and 11 Jan 2012 - 11 July 2014 as 11 Jan 2012 - 11 July 2014.

it should accord automatically

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\you have to check your requirement.

NSDateFormatter *formatter = [[NSDateFormatter alloc] init];
[formatter setDateFormat:@"dd-MMM-yyyy"];
NSDate *date1 = [formatter dateFromString:@"11-jan-2012"];
NSDate *date2 = [formatter dateFromString:@"15-jan-2012"];

NSDateComponents *dateComponents;
dateComponents = [[NSCalendar currentCalendar] components:NSYearCalendarUnit |NSDayCalendarUnit | NSMonthCalendarUnit  
int day1 = [dateComponents day];    
int month1 = [dateComponents month];
int year1 = [dateComponents year];

dateComponents = [[NSCalendar currentCalendar] components:NSYearCalendarUnit |NSDayCalendarUnit | NSMonthCalendarUnit  
int day2 = [dateComponents day];    
int month2 = [dateComponents month];
int year2 = [dateComponents year];

NSString *str = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%d - %d %d %d", day1, day2, month1, year1];

you have to check month and year as per your requirement.

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