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I had a shared webhosting package at NetworkSolutions but everytime users online reached 100+ the website starts crashing and showing "Service Unavaliable" message.

What I need is a shared webhosting that does not limit online users?!

Another Question: if I purchase a VPS, will users online be limited?!

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Stack Overflow is for programming related questions, not advice on which web host to choose. – slugster Jun 19 '12 at 13:57

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I believe you need to consult your matter with your hosting provider. It seems that the server is down. If you still face the issue, I would recommend you to find another hosting provider at :)

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VPS certainly gives you better performance compared to shared hosting ... but no VPS can provide you unlimited resources ...

In the VPS, If you're reaching a limit of processing, you can easily scale your VPS to the next level.

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