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I have so situation. We developed functionality on subdomain my.test.com. And we have javascript on domain test.com, which must get data from my.test.com.

I realize its through proxy php file on test.com (i know about javascript library cross domain, but it simple). This file connect to my.test.com and get necessary information.

But i think that may be CSRF injection. How correct prevent CSRF inejction, when i connect from test.com throgh AJAX to proxy.php and next connect to test.com through php.

CSRF protection on my.test.com already implemented.

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If proxy.php is on test.com and that's the scope of your ajax then why can't you just use a standard anti-CSRF token within a session on test.com? –  MrCode Jun 19 '12 at 11:12
@ MrCode I don't have access to site.com - i only set proxy.php script to customer - and customer put this script on server and i can only send to proxy.php ajax request from one page. Maybe that variant, but i'm not sure, that it safe. When user go to page on site.com - i make ajax request - next save this token to page through javascript, and when visitor make another thing - i send data with that csrf and verify it. –  yAnTar Jun 19 '12 at 12:02

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