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I have 3 dropdowns DD1, DD2 and DD3 in the header section in which the values are populated using ColdFusion and jQuery. Also I have another dropdown named 'Main' which is having the values DD1, DD2 and DD3. Means the dropdowns in the header section form the values of the Main dropdown.

Assume I selected some values for header dropdowns DD1, DD2 and DD3 dropdowns. Also the value DD2 from the Main dropdown. Now the problem I am facing is: If I select DD2 from Main, I want to get that value from the header dropdown DD2, which is currently selected (means if in DD2 I selected mango, when I select DD2 from the Main dropdown, mango should be alerted).

Below is the code snippet I am trying to do build_dd is used to construct the header dropdowns DD1, DD2 and DD3

<cfloop query="build_dd">

I tried the below line. But this gave me selected values of DD1, DD2 and DD3. I want only that which is selected in Main

 alert("selectedindex "+jQuery("select[name='<cfoutput>#build_dd.value#</cfoutput>'] option:selected").text());

Could some body please help me on this

Thanks in advance...

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Just give the select boxes id's, like dd1 or whatever. Then you can just use $('#dd1').val();

Bonus: if you make the options of your "main" the IDs of DD1, DD2, DD3, you can make this really easily.

<select id="main">
   <option value="dd1">DD1</option>
   <option value="dd2">DD2</option>
   <option value="dd3">DD3</option>

then your JS is super simple

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