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I load a webpage from my assets in a webview. Now i need to call a function to init something in the webpage.

I've tryed it with a html GET param: it works on android 2.3.3 but NOT on all higher versions (webpage unavailable)

Now i a different way to solve my problem by calling a javascript function. but the following code:

<script type="javascript">
var isChecked = "";
function initLoc(name) {
                            isChecked = name;
                            if(isChecked == null)
                                isChecked = "";
                                document.getElementById(isChecked).style.backgroundImage = "url(../location-button-active.png)";

   frontWebView.loadUrl("javascript:initLoc('"+ locationID +"')");

Gives me the following error:

 06-19 11:40:07.749: E/Web Console(16210): Uncaught ReferenceError: initLoc is not defined at null:1

Does anyone knows what the problem is

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you are calling a function named initPainLoc but the function you have defined is named initLoc.

Take a look at this example

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ive updated my question and still got the same problem – Luizje Jun 19 '12 at 10:08

The method is initLoc and not initPainLoc.

You must call:

frontWebView.loadUrl("javascript:initLoc('"+ locationID +"')");

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ive updated my question and still got the same problem – Luizje Jun 19 '12 at 10:11
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I found the solution. The page wasn't loaded so to the function wasn't defined yet. I call the method now in the onPageFinished and it works great.

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