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I want run all script from the directory . Like ,

The directory contains 40 script,i would like to run first 5 script parallel.after completing these scripts the next 5 script will be execute as well as the remaining.

Please give any solutions by using linux and perl commands

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When you are in the folder with the scripts run this bash script/command:

for var in $(ls *.pl)
    $var &
    # 5 simultaneous jobs 
    while test "$(jobs |wc -l)" -gt 4 
        sleep 1

this relies on you not having other background jobs running, test this by writing "jobs" on the commandline.

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I have later learned that you can just use xargs to run multiple parallel jobs. To gzip files simultaneously with 4 processes: ls *.pl |xargs -n1 -P4 gzip – Pylinux Jan 14 '14 at 16:32

I'd prefer GNU parallel. It's easy and fun - and the documentation comes with many neat examples.

The big advantage: You don't have to write any code or Makefile to do run your scripts. Example:

# create the example scripts:
mkdir scripts
for i in {1..50}; do {echo '#!/bin/sh'; echo "echo $i"; echo "sleep 1" } > scripts/s$; done

# use parallel to run all these scripts, 5 at a time:
parallel -j 5 ::: scripts/*.sh
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Don't forget GNU Make! Use a makefile like this and run with the -j option. See

scripts=$(wildcard *.sh)
all: $(patsubst,%.out,$(scripts))
    sh $< > $@ 2>&1

If you were working in Perl I'd suggest Parallel::ForkManager

Oh, and it seems that xargs on Linux has a -P option to run jobs in parallel. I haven't used it as my GNU Make trick predates it.

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You can write sth like below. It's pseudo code.


for script in $1/*
   $i &
   add the pid to pidList array
   if( count==5){

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Everyone loves to reinvent parallel execution tools.

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Can you use nohup for the first 5 scripts? Have the 5th script write to some file that it has completed and continue onwards.

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