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Using the Pig example from Datastax, you can load data from Cassandra by

cassandra_data = LOAD 'cassandra://PigDemo/Scores' USING CassandraStorage()
   AS (name, columns: bag {T: tuple(score, value)});

Next you can for example compute aggregates by

total_scores = FOREACH cassandra_data GENERATE name, COUNT(columns.score) as counts,
   LongSum(columns.score) as total;

After reading the Pig reference manual, it is not obvious to me how i can rewrite/extend above code to produce a relation that I can store back into Cassandra. It should have the format


In our case


I have unsuccessfully attempted using AS and specifying a schema, and I tried to do it by using an additional GROUP statement:

grouped  = GROUP total_scores by name;
cass_in = FOREACH grouped GENERATE group, total_scores.(co,total);

However, I feel there must be a straight-forward way that I am missing. Any help is appreciated.

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Can you provide the full line of the code you wrote to store records into cassandra? –  Esteban Angee Jun 28 '12 at 13:11

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Use the TOBAG() and TOTUPLE() UDFs (since 0.8)

FOREACH grouped GENERATE group, TOBAG(TOTUPLE('counts', total_scores.counts), TOTUPLE('total', total_scores.total));
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