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I've built a text editor application with embedded video/audio support so my users are able to load a video and transcribe simultaniously. Now there are new employees and some of them are using MacOs, so the embedded WMP won't work on their computers.

I've had a look at Banshee, but the project is so huge and I'm not that good a programmer. There seem to be no tutorials at all on the Internet on how to implement it, resulting in me getting stuck at this point :-(

Any idea would be heavily appreciated!

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The same answer of this question applies here: stackoverflow.com/questions/8216462/… –  knocte Jun 19 '12 at 13:42

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I've had a lot of success using mplayer in my applications.

It has a 'slave' mode, whereby you pass it the handle to the window/control you want it to play in (instead of creating it's own window). You can drive it by piping commands into stdin.

mplayer slave mode

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