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This one bothers me for quite a while. I have an app where the user paints some objects with fingers. One is supposed to be a Text Box, a rectangular where the user can input text, like the one word provides (http://www.techrepublic.com/i/tr/cms/contentPics/r00319991202jod05_01.gif) I do not need the text to be painted dynamically, I launch another activity where the user adds text and I catch the text on activity result. But I need the user to be able to reshape the object and it should handle all the cases like:

i. Box too narrow for the text -> get the last words to another line

ii. Box too narrow for some single words -> split the words

I want to handle this exactly like word text box handles it. I thought it could me by dynamically making a textView, but it seems impossible. I posted a question here Android - create TextView (or EditText) programmatically and set it in a specific place on the screen giving coordinates (mostly about textView) but I had no luck, drawTextOnPath can work for i but it is very hard to implement ii and show text in a smooth way.

I know we are not supposed to ask the same thing twice, but I do it to explain in a new way what I need, which leads to a different question. Thanks to everybody in advance.

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  • Moving the Text around can be done easily by dragging the view in onTouchEvent.

  • Scaling the text can be done using two finger gesture. Just like the zoom feature in Webview. You should increase the textsize of the TextView on zoom-in and decrease on zoom-out.


  • Resize the TextView itself when two finger gesture is on. That will automatically re-flow the text appropriately. TextView can be resized by calling setHeight and setWidth.

  • Declare a LinearLayout with TextView as the only child.

  • Inflate this layout when needed and set the margins for the textview to position it appropriately.

  • When resizing just change the height and width of the textview.

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I can move the object and the text easily. On scaling I want a fixed text size, but to be handled in a way the is fitted in the box every time. Exactly how the word text box handles things –  george Jun 19 '12 at 10:48
resize the textview itself. reflowing the text inside the textview will be taken careof automatically.. –  userSeven7s Jun 19 '12 at 11:01
You mean that I have to create a TextView programmatically exactly in the place where the user painted the rectangular object? And then display the text there. That is what I tried but it does not work (see also the link in the original post). I can reshape my object at will and obtain all the coos I need. Do you have some codelines that explains how to properly do this? Maybe I am missing something simple, but I searched all over and I am stuck. –  george Jun 19 '12 at 11:09
Please add your best try to your post so that I can find out why that did not work.. –  userSeven7s Jun 19 '12 at 11:11
stackoverflow.com/questions/10894733/… Here I have an edit on the post where I try an approach. I try to create the textView and display the text there. I tried set the text view to the desired rectangular but also somewhere else just for text. No matter what I try the text does not appear though the prints on log show that it was retrieved properly and it is assigned to the textView –  george Jun 19 '12 at 11:14

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