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I have a problem with a DOM element that is not recognized by jQuery.

The site is:


I need to add a function to turn the pages when it is clicked. The function works on the div with class "prima" and "ultima" through this script:

$ (". prima"). click (function () {
     $ ('# magazine'). turn ('page', 1);

$ (". ultima"). click (function () {
     var pagine = $ ('# magazine'). turn ('pages');
     $ ('# magazine'). turn ('page', page);

In fact, clicking on "Prima pagina" and "Ultima pagina" script works.

The moment I try to run it on the link "First" with class "jPag-first" pages do not change.

Here's the script:

$ (". jPag-first"). click (function () {
     $ ('# magazine'). turn ('page', 1);

Perhaps because the contents of the div # demo1 is created using jQuery and it is not already existing in the HTML?

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why are giving space between '.' ,'#' selectors and Ids. There should not be any white space between both. –  Nishu Tayal Jun 19 '12 at 11:00

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You need to remove space here:

$(". prima")
$("# magazine")

Should be:


There should be no space between class/id identifiers.

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My script is correct (no spaces between class and id), I erred when I wrote here. In addition the script does not work is this: $ (".jPag-first"). click (function () { $('#magazine'). turn ('page', 1); }); –  Alex Planet Jun 19 '12 at 14:29

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