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I found some classes designed for debugging in package com.sun.jdi like VirtualMachine, but I can't use this because package seems not exist in Sun JDK7.

How to use this package?

BTW. lib/sa-jdi.jar isn't the same I want

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according to his link, VirtualMachine is pat of JDK7 –  Attila Jun 19 '12 at 10:50

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According to this page, the VirtualMachine class that you linked to is part of the tools.jar file which is only distributed in a JDK (not a JRE). It says ...

"Update Note 2: The Attach API is in tools.jar, so you will need to add /lib/tools.jar in your CLASSPATH to compile and run the example on JDK 6."

... and the same advice would apply on (at least) JDK 7 as well.

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