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I'm using widgetkit plugin (Joomla CMS), for lightbox. Since widgetkit uses fancybox to display lightbox im posting a question here.

FancyBox works great when i'm not using AJAX technology to update the content of the Joomla website. When i enable AJAX, and refresh or move to another page using ajax technology lightbox effect is gone - the image itself opens in a new window. I think this is because AJAX updates the DOM and FancyBox doesn't recognize that. I do have in the plugin of AJAX code an area, where i can write certain JavaScript code, that will AJAX execute after the website is fully loaded by AJAX. I'm just wondering what should i type in there, to initialize the FancyBox to the new DOM, that AJAX just generated.

For mootools lightbox (if i had it) i could simply write this line: window.fireEvent('domready');

I don't know how to do that for jQuery FancyBox.

I also posted the same question here (if anyone needs more information): http://skrij.me/Qv56

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You either call fancybox (e.g., $(".fancybox").fancybox();) each time you make changes to the DOM or use version 2 that uses "live" to attach click handler

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Well the selector for images i use on url is: <a data-lightbox="on" src=....><img.... /></a> So i tried putting FLAX.Html.onall('load', function(o){ $("a[data-lightbox]").fancybox(); }); and it still doesn't work. –  sumone Jun 19 '12 at 16:40

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