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I have a function that I want to pass an argument, market, to the function freeSample, but I can't seem to get it set as an argument. Please take a moment to look at my code and help me to understand how to get the market as an argument in the freeSample function.

(freeSample) ->  
 market = $('#market')
  jQuery('#dialog-add').dialog =
   resizable: false
   height: 175
   modal: true
   buttons: ->
    'This is Correct': ->
      jQuery(@).dialog 'close'
    'Wrong Market': ->
      market.addClass 'color'
      jQuery(@).dialog 'close'

UPDATE: Here is the JavaScript I currently have that I am trying to convert to CoffeeScript.

function freeSample(market) 
   var market = $('#market');
    resizable: false,
    modal: true,
     buttons: {
      'This is Correct': function() {
      'Wrong Market': function() {
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Can you also provide your JS code please? – Subodh Jun 19 '12 at 11:04
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What you have here is not a function named freeSample. Is an anonymous function with a single argument called freeSample. The syntax for functions in CoffeeScript is like this:

myFunctionName = (myArgument, myOtherArgument) ->

So in your case it could be something like this:

freeSample = (market) ->

EDIT (after OP updated the question): In your specific case you could do it like so:

freeSample = (market) ->
  market = $("#market")
    resizable: false
    height: 175
    modal: true
      "This is Correct": ->
        jQuery(this).dialog "close"

      "Wrong Market": ->
        market.addClass "color"
        jQuery(this).dialog "close"

PS. There is an (awesome) online tool for converting between js/coffeescript and can be found here:

The above snippet generated by this tool.

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Yes, I added that to my test and it worked. Thank you. – pertrai1 Jun 19 '12 at 11:38

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