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I have an Ajax Control Toolkit HtmlEditorExtender control on my ASP.NET forms page.

First I add some formatted text (including <br />'s by pressing cariage return) and then navigate away from the page by following some link. Then I use the browser to navigate backwards. I would expect that the message should then be either empty or display correctly, but it displays the unencoded html.

I can't find any reports of known bugs about this, does anyone know about a workaround?


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This HtmlEditorExtender is not a product of OBOUT. It does not work properly. OBOUT INC. has made the HTMLEditor control for this toolkit, it's already obsolete there.

Use the real OBOUT AJAX HTML Editor. You can test it here: Full screen enabled Editor

Another good example of customization (online translation): Google AJAX Language API implementation

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Thanks Victor, have updated my post. I do not have the option of changing the control. –  hofnarwillie Jun 20 '12 at 8:03

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