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Does anyone know about HPCC/HDFS connector.we are using both HPCC and HADOOP.There is one utility(HPCC/HDFS connector) developed by HPCC which allows HPCC cluster to acess HDFS data

i have installed the connector but when i run the program to acess data from hdfs it gives error as doesn't exist.

I tried to build using command

 ant compile-libhdfs -Dlibhdfs=1

its giving me error as

target "compile-libhdfs" does not exist in the project "hadoop"

i used one more command

 ant compile-c++-libhdfs -Dlibhdfs=1

its giving error as


  [get] Getting:

  [get] To: /home/hadoop/hadoop-

  [get] Error getting

to /home/hadoop/hadoop-

BUILD FAILED Connection timed out

any suggestion will be a great help

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Chhaya, you might not need to build, depending on how you installed hadoop, you might already have it.

Check in HADOOP_LOCATION/c++/Linux-<arch>/lib/, where HADOOP_LOCATION is your hadoop install location, and arch is the machine’s architecture (i386-32 or amd64-64).

Once you locate the lib, make sure the H2H connector is configured correctly (see page 4 here).

It's just a matter of updating the HADOOP_LOCATION var in the config file: /opt/HPCCSystems/hdfsconnector.conf

good luck.

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i updated HADOOP_LOCATION as /home/hadoop/hadoop- then to its giving same error.We are having HPCC on one machine and hadoop on another machine is this the problem ? is there in HADOOP_LOCATION/c++/Linux-<arch>/lib/ but am facing same problem while running program – chhaya vishwakarma Jun 20 '12 at 6:37
the H2H connector requires hadoop 1.x, looks like you have hadoop 0.2 beta... Also your hadoop system and the HPCC system don't need to be running on the same machines, but the H2H connector needs to have the locally available. – user1467551 Jun 20 '12 at 12:58
btw, the H2H connector's logs can be found here: /var/log/HPCCSystems/mydataconnectors/HDFSCONNECTOR.*.log once you get the correct version of hadoop's hdfslib I'd be interested to see what the latest log shows... – user1467551 Jun 20 '12 at 13:04 there any document for the same which shows which version is required foe H2H...i read the log also there only i got this error – chhaya vishwakarma Jun 21 '12 at 5:20
libhdfs should be locally available means i shld install libhdfs on ma HPCC cluster? – chhaya vishwakarma Jun 21 '12 at 6:41

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