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i have a text area tha is tinymce application that devolve the text introduce in html. so if i introduce this: I, this is an example. that i recive,<p> I, this is an example.</p> in my view i remove the html tags, and if the tag are "p" than replace for an\n. result:I, this is an example.\n but if i introduce this:


this is an example.

this return:

<p> I,</p>
<p>this is an example.</p>


this is an example.\n

I want to remove the line break, so the result are:I,\n this is an example.\n

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Please paste your code –  Goin Jun 19 '12 at 11:26

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I would recommend fixing the <p> tag issue on the client side, as you can configure tinymce not to use <p> tags at all:

        forced_root_block : false


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