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$this->db->join('venue_type vt1', 'vt1.venue_type_id = venue.venue_type_id1');
$this->db->join('venue_subtype vst1', 'vst1.venue_subtype_id = venue.venue_subtype_id1');
$this->db->join('venue_type vt2', 'vt2.venue_type_id = venue.venue_type_id2');
$this->db->join('venue_subtype vst2', 'vst2.venue_subtype_id = venue.venue_subtype_id2');
$this->db->join('venue_type vt3', 'vt3.venue_type_id = venue.venue_type_id3');
$this->db->join('venue_subtype vst3', 'vst3.venue_subtype_id = venue.venue_subtype_id3');
$query = $this->db->get();

i have venue table it has more then 1 field relation b/w venue_type. When i try to give first relation

 $this->db->join('venue_type vt1', 'vt1.venue_type_id = venue.venue_type_id1');
 $this->db->join('venue_subtype vst1', 'vst1.venue_subtype_id = venue.venue_subtype_id1');

its working fine , but i try to access whole its not working.

Please Help me. (It may simple but i stuck)

By Saravanan.

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Do you get errors? In PHP or CI? Turn error_reporting() ON and look at the log. Also try echo $this->db->last_query(); so see what query is being generated. – Robert Jun 19 '12 at 11:47
look at your where condition it has a fault it should be like this $this->db->where('venue.venue_id',$id); – raheel shan Jun 19 '12 at 11:50

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You need to use alias for multiple joins.

SELECT st_id, table1.us_login, table2.us_login FROM (stream) LEFT JOIN users AS table1 ON table1.us_id = stream.st_id_user_from LEFT JOIN users AS table2 ON table2.us_id = stream.st_id_user_to

see the link:

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There's no $this->db->from function in Codeigniter. Use instead $this->db->select('venue.*')

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