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How can I apply jquery ui draggable or resizable more than one time to same element? For example:

<div style="height: 50px; left: 216px; position: absolute; top: 64px; width: 444px; z-index: 1; class="test-12 ui-resizable ui-draggable" id="div-77">
   <div class="ui-resizable-handle ui-resizable-e" style="z-index: 1000;"></div>
   <div class="ui-resizable-handle ui-resizable-s" style="z-index: 1000;"></div>
   <div class="ui-resizable-handle ui-resizable-se ui-icon ui-icon-gripsmall-diagonal-se" style="z-index: 1000;"></div>
   <div class="ui-rotatable-handle ui-draggable show"></div> 

I want to apply jquery draggable and resizable to this div (id=div-77) with these other divs

thank you

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Like most things in jQuery you can use a CSS selector to choose the elements you want. This will make all divs resizable and draggable.


If you just want the div with ```id="div-77" you can use.


Calling draggable or resizable on the same element multiple times has no ill effect. jQuery UI internally is smart enough to know that it has already made the element draggable or resizable accordingly.

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ok, thank you bro. how jquery kept records about those element. – ICE Jun 20 '12 at 3:17
The jQuery UI widget factory does it through jQuery's data method. You can read more about the widget factory here - and that data method's docs are here - – TJ VanToll Jun 20 '12 at 12:18
Did you need anything else? If not and my answer was helpful to you would you mind selecting it? Thanks. – TJ VanToll Jun 21 '12 at 12:23

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